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    Exclamation Yamaha powered 110hp Shifter Kart - 2stroke power!!!

    We finally got around to digging it out and starting it up after 2 years. 421cc Yamaha banshee cheetah cub powered shifter kart with about 110hp. Now we need to get it paired up against my 1000rr and other toys and see what happens. I should have a nice track day video soon, just gotta get some more of these fancy HERO2 cameras... enjoy!

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    what a cool Kart, be fun to stretch it out through town.

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    haha that thing is sick! great job! we have a few on the cruiser forums with those karts!, have fun!

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    there is a video on youtube of a similar set-up.... someone did a real life mario kart video through some city in europe

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    Man if we had european cops here

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