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    Friend of mine bought two older skis... Help me identify them and get them running.

    To make a long story short, a friend of mine with no previous watercraft experience has bought two watercrafts from his former neighbor for a very cheap price. He hasn't had a chance to pick up the registrations from him yet because of their busy work schedules so I'd like to identify what they are so that I could try and get them running. They have sat since 2008 or 2009 so I already know I'm going to have to drain all of the fuel and each ski is probably going to need a new battery. In terms of the battery, are batteries generic? Can I put any watercraft battery in each ski? Do you need to do an oil change on these machines or not since they are two-strokes? Do I just need to make sure the oil is topped off? Any help is extremely appreciated. One is a Sea Doo and the other is a Polaris. They are believed to be made somewhere around 1998.

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    one says - seadoo GTX and the last 2 digits in the H.I.N are the year

    the other says sl650

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    They make batteries for skis, as far as oil theres no engine oil to change but you can change the oil in the cone. I would def. go thru and rebuild or clean carbs.

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    Mid 90's ski's Seadoo i think had the 650 in it too

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    mid 90's Polaris SL650

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    they both probably take 16CL-B batteries.

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    Green is 95 gtx, being they have set that long you may want to pull the head and check for rust in the cylinders, they may run now but cause more damage down the road, on the seadoo, I'd replace all fuel lines, clean or better of replace the fuel selector, pull carbs and go through them. Change jet pump oil also,

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    Polaris tripples around that year need the mukini 2or 3 port fuel pump upgrade new lines. pump is About 30 shipped .Tons of info stickied in polaris section. also certain years had a fuel shut off if ski goes over. Needs removed also.

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