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Thread: stator disaster

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    stator disaster

    On a 99 slth 700 domestic engine... updated stator came loose and was rubbing up against the flywheel. i need a new stator as it tests bad on the green wire hall sensor. but do i need a new flywheel too? There was a decent amount of dust around the flywheel both from wear on the ends of the stator and the magnetic ring inside the flywheel. Is there a recommended gap between them that I can measure? Here is a picture.
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    Newb question: What's wrong with it in that picture?

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    That outside magnet is for the charging system,I think it will be fine-but the only way to really tell would be to test the charging system when running.

    The more important thing is the plastic ring at the center hub. Near the key way groove is the trigger magnet for the ignition system-make sure that is not damaged or loose.

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    great, thanks. i bought a used stator and flywheel combo on Ebay. i will test with both. I may have a flywheel to resell. for
    burtonrider - the magnetic ring (the larger dark one) is scored and worn from rubbing on the stator.

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    got an update on this. Testing the stator with the 9V battery method out of the sk. i moved wires a bit and got a good read from the hall effect sensor, then I moved them again and got nothing.

    What I found was really stupid but others may benefit from this... the zip tie that comes on the updated ignition stator just outside the flywheel hosing was so tight that it cut though the insulation on a couple of wires and they corroded.

    here is a picture of what I am talking about. I cut, soldered and sealed the wires and stator now tests good. I still need to put it all back together though

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    Nice catch!

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