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    Angry stx 1100 water in engine

    I purchased a 1997 Kawasaki STX 1100 with a blown engine (#2 piston overheat). I sent it out, had the machine work done and very carefully put everything back together. Started right up, ran fine in the driveway with the hose going to it. When I put it in the water, it's sluggish as you take off from a stop but eventually gets up to speed, I think. My Yamaha Waveventure (2 CYL) is almost as fast. I think the STX should blow it away. I removed the head and found it to be clean. No carbon. Steam cleaned. I purchased another head that I new was good and installed that with a new Kawasaki head gasket same problem. Torqued everything to spec. Just can't figure it out. Torqued the head a little more 26 lbs, took it out again with the same problem. As long as I ride it fast, it runs ok. If I let it idle, it's sluggish to get going again. Carbs are spotless ans set to spec. The only thing I changed was that I removed the oil pump. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRICIATED.

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    is water in the engine ?

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    Could be a lot of things. Did you do a compression test? How long have you run it? Did you run 25:1 oil ratio for break-in? Did you correct the overheating problem? Have you looked at the carbs? Are all cylinders firing? What do the plugs look like? Is the pump cavitating?

    The list goes on and on...

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    Has 2 hours on it. Compression is 135 on all 3 cylinders. Still doing the 25:1 break - in. The overheat was the oil feed line. Oil pump is removed. Gave the carbs a once over when the engine was out. Very clean. I set the low to 1 1/2 and the high to 1 today. I had the low set to 1/ 3/4. The pump seems to be fine. I am getting some water in the hull though which I saw today. It's coming from the port side all the way to the rear. Slow trickle when running on the hose. Seems to be running good again out of the water. Maybe it was too rich, I have no idea. All cylinders are firing. The plugs are always wet when I take them out. Top of the pistons are still clean. I really do not want to take the head off again. Could it be just too much fuel in the cylinders. Once it gets going it moves pretty good. Speedo doesn't work though. Should I be able to get the rpm's on my display? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!

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    i am assuming this is a stock engine setup !

    dry plugs is not good, wet plug good.

    set high 1 1/4
    set low 1 1/4
    best to start rich and work down than lean and go boom
    seems the problem is throttling up so only make changes to the low adjuster for now, try again, make adj till take off is good, do this first.
    high speed setting may be rich but will only need to change the setting if plugs reflect it, after several high speed runs [ after 4 hrs of breakin ] pull plugs, brown or brownish black is good, white and light is too lean, do this second.
    find and fix the leak.
    dont pull the head off, problem is not there.

    dont expect it to be perfect on take off while double oiling, just set it rich and clock some hrs.

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    Thanks Mike. It is a stock engine set up. I will try the new carb settings tomorrow. Still having trouble finding the leak. What a PITA! Can't wait to try it out. Stay tuned!
    Thanks Again!!!!!

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    Mike. You are the man. I have been screwing with this engine since I rebuilt it. I took your advise and it's running awesome. Sucks I wasted money on a new head and head gaskets. Lesson learned. Now I just have to find the leak. I ran it for 10 minutes today and had 1/2 gallon of water in it. I know it's coming in on the left side all the way in the back. At one point the water was spraying in through the fiberglass on the left side of the tunnel when I started it in the driveway. Sealed it up with 5200 Seemed to do the trick. Now another leak. I checked the driveshaft seal in the water with it running. No dice. Any ideas???
    Thanks Again

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    pump feeds water to the engine exhaust manifold, theres a bulkhead fitting @ pump tunnel on the left side thats plastic i believe, it may be cracked or just be loose.

    the expansion chamber feeds the overboard [ used ] water from the lower rear of the chamber, also through a bulkhead fitting and exits the ski, both are 1/2" hose, look at both of them to be in good condition and properly sealed.

    the water box / muffler also has a very small hole in it may have corroded and opened up, its @ 5:00 toward the front.

    your may have to remove the pump to acess those fittings to have a looksee.

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    Sounds good. I will check everything tomorrow. Thanks again for the help with the carbs!

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