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    04 rxp water in hull (bailer questions)

    Ok, well yesterday my ski partially sunk due to all the motor mounts breaking. I installed new mounts today and dumped her back into the water. seemed fine sitting there and running around some but had to keep coming back to my home made ramp because I still think I got some water sitting in the bottom of my intake, guess I just have to remove it to get all the water out. My issue is I kept checking it after each ride and there appeared to be little water in the haul. Leaving it on the ramp with the rear in the water seems to allow water to come in somehow, I dont know if I have it in too far where it is actually reaching the bottom of the engine cover? I dont know where this water is coming from, I dont see any water coming in from the carbon ring. I also dont understand how the bailer system works. I seen little elbows but know if they should be low or high. Any thoughts on what might cause it to leak somewhere? I have not tried a calm day where it just sits flat in the water yet. Also the engine seemed hotter today, might just be me but the I thought I could touch the exhaust manifold the other day but today it seemed pretty darn hot. any thoughts?

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    Did see the 4tec section and it looks like the elbows need to be zip tied high and apparently there might even be check valves in the lines somewhere. I have to look at that, they also said that those tubes can come out, I guess where they connect to your pump and to use hose clamps over zip ties, I will have to look into that. As far as the heat issue goes, It might be normal? IDK? I never got a check engine light saying it was too hot.


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    Just for an update, I the bailer lines where low and I removed the check valves and they were both not working. Cleaned them out real good and put back together and zip tied up the yellow elbows as high as I could. I also did replace the carbon ring and it looked like it had an imperfection in its surface. Ran 3 hours today while tubing the kids along and maybe picked up a quart of a water all day when drained. Fun day on the water but a bit windy. Looks like the majority of the water problems are done with for now.

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