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    My fuel pump(s) keeps going bad.

    I had my original fuel pump replaced and now a few weeks late the replacement has gone bad. The problem started with the ski having trouble starting, but did run. then lead to error code p0231. Had the pump replaced, took it out in the water and 5mins later p0231 came back up. Next I had the ECM swapped, took it out into the water and got the 12v hi code (p0563 I believe.) Replaced the voltage regulator, and battery to be safe, and it fixed the high voltage problem. After the voltage regulator was replaced it worked fine for probably about 15-20 hours, . I was riding it around all day, turned it on and off several times with out issue but then at the end of the day it just wouldn't start but no code has come up. The pump isn't turning on now when I put the key on the post. I was told that the grounds look good and the ski is too new and clean for it to be having these problems, but it is having these problems. Does any one know what could be causing these problem to keep happening? I've spent a ton of money trying to resolve this issue and I only have about 8 weeks max riding weather here in NY. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you replaced the pump since you replaced the voltage regulator?

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    What year/model ski are we talking here

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    Yes, more info and mods too rrfpr?
    Not all seadoo's use the same system to start the pump
    High voltage is hard on electronics

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    Yes, more info and mods too rrfpr?
    Not all seadoo's use the same system to start the pump
    High voltage is hard on electronics
    its a 2007 rxp with no mods
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    i havent replaced it since the high voltage. it ran fine for a few weeks after i got the high voltage. when i got the highvoltage i turned off the ski right away.

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    i have the same problem a 04 rxp just replaced the ecu and its starts but only run for a short time

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    i had some similar prolem on my 06 gtx ..replace ecu and check fuses and plugs clean ,problem fixed ..when i opened the old ecu on the inside was a lot of rust and some water ...means that the ecu arent sealed that good

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