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    STX 1100 Impeller Doesn't Fit

    After a unfortunate incident with ropes and collapsed bearings I've rebuilt my pump, and was about to install it when I found it wouldn't slide onto the shaft.

    Have since removed the impeller (Skat Trak purchased from eBay, store closing down) and there is no way it will slide onto the splines. Counted a number of times, both are 18 tooth shafts (I think), and can't get into the prop with verniers to check the diameter.

    It feels as though the splines aren't even meshing together, whereas the old one slides on and offf with relative ease.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what could be the issue, or how to get this impeller to work?

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    Early (1999 & before) STX 1100 drive shaft spline is designed to fit Skat-Trak and later (2000+) STX 1100 drive shaft spline is designed to fit Solas.
    What year is your ski?

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    My ski is a 1996, is there a way of telling the shafts apart?

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    ebay, uuuuugggg, get the correct impeller and not from edog

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