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    High rpm start up&bad prop spin?

    So my 06 stageIII+ RXP is not doing well, on start up it jumps to 4000 rpm did it three times then started it three more times and it was fine? Next is BAD prop spin but not all the time, sometimes it will feel like the drive shaft is spinning and not moving the prop? I will give it 1/4 throttel it will rev to 3800-4200 rpm and not move the ski very much and very slow????? Please Help

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    High rpms could be an intake air leak use carb cleaner or starting fluid sprayed with the motor running,
    if leaking the spray will rev up the motor
    No movement check prop...i.e. junk in prop or damaged prop/ring

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    Thanks skidoochris I will check these things.

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    If you are using the Delphi injectors they could be worn and leaking as well. Change to some Bosch 48s

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