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    Stainless Steel VS Stock Plastic wear ring

    Performed a search to no avail. Any one running the S.S. wear ring, Im just trying to get the pro's and cons other than the obvious.

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    i like the plastic wear ring because it wont damage your impeller,but performance wise i think steel wearings have an edge.

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    I believe SS wear rings are better for performance - tighter fit so less cavitation. But, they have less give than a plastic ring so the impeller is more likely to be damaged if something is sucked through the pump

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    Well I undestand the whole ss vs impeller and the plastic vs impeller just truely wanting to know were best to spend the money.

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    The SS ring will eat the props edges and depending how hard and how many hrs you put on the ski in a season you may end up having to get the edges welded & cut again each year.
    I have run both and although I love the the feel of the SS ring I ended up going back to OEM plastic.
    A side note on the SS ring...

    You will have to trim the prop edges about .008 to make room for prop flex otherwise you will have a brake drum effect when coming unhooked and water slapping the prop and making it flex upon re-entry. Ever notice the grooves on the OEM rings?

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