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    Has anyone seen a dual carbed 1997 GTI

    Just got it back from the authorized dealer and he was kinda freaked out because it has dual carbs. He said stock was single carb seadoo.

    Was he right? Do you think previous owner installed new intake manifold and dual carbs on this ski?

    Any comments would be helpful. I haven't even water tested the ski yet, but just had fuel line, fuel valve, filters and carbs rebuilt. Do you think it'll have much more power than a standard GTI?

    If it makes any difference the engine in this is ski painted white. My '03 is painted silver. What's the difference?

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    97 was a white single carb engine. I have put an HX dual carb engine in a GTI with good results.

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    Thanks for the quick replay. So the engine isn't stock. Could tell on this ski if it had been swaped or rebuilt. This confirms it I guess.

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    The engine could be stock, but the intake and carbs are definitely not.

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    is there any serial numbers on seadoo engines I can check to see what year the engine is?

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