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    Kawasaki Ultra 130 conversion

    I have a very clean 2002 Kawasaki Ultra 130 Hull in my shop. I started to part the ski out and sold the engine and EMM with Injectors. Now I am thinking this is too nice of a hull to get rid of. I have a 96 Kawasaki 1100 zxi or a 97 Yamaha GP1200 I have to Part out but I am thinking of making a conversion ski. What do you guys think would be the best set up with this Ultra 130 hull? I am thinking the Kawasaki 1100 engine carbs and electronics would be the easiest to drop in this hull. Let me know what you think or let me know of any other ideas. Have you guys ever seen anyone put any other engine in an ultra 130 or 150 hull? what about a Ultra 130 to Ultra 150 swap?

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    Any of those combinations sounds like a waste of time, if your going to do a swap like this it should be for the better ( bigger engine, more horsepower).....JMHO......Example wouldnt want to take a 396 BB out of a Chevelle and put a 351 SB Ford in its place would you?

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