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    07 rxp small needle bearings found loose in oil pump?? Where are they from?

    There are about 16 ive found so far in the balancer shaft area and in the screen in the oil pump.Haven't looked over all pieces yet to see where they could possibly come from. The size is 9.65mm x 1.5mm.Any ideas where to start to look would be appreciated.

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    from the Super charger gear. Pull the charger & check it out.. But why did you pull the oil pump?

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    Not sure the history of your ski but it would seem it had a sc failure at some point.

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    These are the needle bearings from your superchager gear.
    If your supercharger is fine,ther has been a supercharger failure in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richrxp View Post
    These are the needle bearings from your superchager gear.
    If your supercharger is fine,ther has been a supercharger failure in the past.

    This is a potentially bad situation I have encountered multiple times in the 15 years of working with watercraft. Firstly, you HAVE to evacuade all of the existing needle bearings from the motor, if you have around 16 you are missing roughly 25. If any of these have made it into the oil valeys in the bottom end, you are screwed. They plug oil jackets and cause catostrophic engine failure. My recommendation if it was I would be to pull the motor, pull the head and bottom end apart and clean it thoroghly. Also inspect your intake and oil pump assembly for signs of extreme wear. Then rebuild the supercharger thoroghly, when putting the drive gear on the supercharger shaft, fill the inside of the gear with assembly lube, and then use a rubber band to hold your bearing around the shaft. When you slide the gear onto the shaft, only go about half way, then cut your rubber band, and slide the gear on the rest of the way. This will ensure thos bearings are well seated upon reassembly and hopefully prevent these issues in the future.

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