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    1200 NON-PV Crank rear bearing removal

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ID:	278798Already chatted with Oside on this a bit off-line but wanted to get other input to see if anyone else has had success on removal of the rear bearing. Mine had two of the bearing holding metal clip thingy's laying loose between the two races. Didn't find the two missing bearings yet but the motor will be 100% torn down so...

    Anyway, although I am sure I'll end up having to send this to crankworks in the end, has anyone had luck removing that rear bearing with any combo of heat, freezing etc? Details would be appreciated. I have a spare bad crank to try it on first so no biggie if I screw it up the first time. My suspicion is that I should put the entire crank in the freezer for a half day or something like that and then try to torch the inner race of the bearing to get it to slide off. Also, there looks like there is a 1" or so spacer infront of the bearing holding it in place. Does this also get pressed off and if so, does it come off before the bearing or try to leave it in place and jump over it. Lastly...putting the new bearing in place would seem to be the same freeze and burn process described above.

    oh yea...and is this the type of tool (in general) used to pull the old bearing off?
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    Pics, video, details?

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    I've done it. I pulled that sleeve off that the rear crank seal rides on then I pulled the bearing off. I had to replace the seal sleeve because mine was damaged and also had to replace the rear crank bearing because mine was slightly rusty and didn't spin smoothly.
    Here's the pics:

    I was somewhat brutal in my attack to get it bearing off. I did heat up the bearing with a handheld propane torch and then used a hammer and claw style nail pry bar. I pounded and wedged the prybar in there and pry the bearing off.
    The bearing goes on pretty easily with the correct size deep socket and a hammer. Brutal, I know but I have well over 50hours on this repair with out issue.

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    Excellent photos Cutlass! Couple questions...

    It looks like there are 2 sections to the sleeve. Is that correct? If so, what did you use to pull that off? Heat and a pipe wrench? Are the sleeves threaded?
    Also, did you heat the bearing up till she smoked or just heat the inner race to the extent possible? I'll see if I can find a bearing puller to coax it off first and then will go with the "molecule disturbing technique"! If all of this works on the spare crank...I'll go for it on the good one.

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    The picture shows 2 sleeves, the old damaged one and the new one. So there is only one sleeve. Its pressed on. I can't remember how I removed it. I probably just pried it off with screwdriver or 2 (maybe it was the same prybar I used on the bearing), but I can't remember. You'll figure it out once you dig in. I wouldn't use a pipe wrench as the teeth on the wrench would probably scar up the sleeve and the crank seal wouldn't seal well to that.

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