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    01 slh 700 no spark going nuts with this one

    i guess to start it off, thanks for having me on hear. i have a 2001 slh 700 that looses spark,regains it(weak),goes out again, does take some time to regain it. took 3 or 4 hours between sparks. i check out all the wiring, nothing that gives a tell tale sign.check the battery for good volts when starting,did the update to the wire coming off the cdi(red/purple),etc. i been reading up on "the polaris pwc knowledge" page. im eyeing up my lr as a promblem mybe (searched through passed threads and seemed someone had the same promblem) when unpluging all the wires i cant seem to locate the non lr black/white wire ??any help would be great

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    Welcome to Green Hulk.
    LR blk/wht ? You may have read about a Virage LR test. The Virage's used a different LR than your SLH.

    So you have intermittent spark.
    Measure voltage on the red/pur wire going into the CDI,it needs to be over 10.6v when cranking to get spark.
    Also try disconnecting the blk/yel wire going into the CDI,that is from the "kill switch". be ready to reattach that wire if it starts-you need it to shut it off.

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    i checked voltage going to the cdi its at 12 when cranking.also i check the coil and got .35 at the pins.alittle over 8000 between the wires(no caps,tried new ones)im assuming the coil is good to go. so i did the bypass with red/purple cdi wire to the orange block so its by itself. i pulled the black/yellow wire, still with the same results. i unplugged the brown wire( pulled the grey wire as well) at the cdi and then checked voltage and got around 6 when cranking . i had the tester set the same checking all of this minus the ohm test for the coils wires. i tried doing the test with the 9v battery and still had no spark. at this point im thinking i have a stator issue. is there any other way to double check this?and thanks for the help

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    Yes,the stator can be tested;

    The volts to the CDI is critical,12v sounds high,did you have spark plugs removed or battery charger attached ? Usually see volts in the 11's when cranking.

    The brown/grey you mentioned-did they go to the electrical board ?

    Do the stator tests before moving on.

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    damn been awhile,lol.. anyway, im seeing 10.8 and above when cranking,brown grey wire going to cdi/stator. i just got done testing the stator and unless im doing something wrong im not seeing any movement(ohms from 0).i will retest,figured i would see something .. i followed my manual. for the testing,seems somewhat the same for testing.
    The "trigger coils" are Hall Effect sensors and re
    quire a constant DC power source via the brown
    wire out of the CDI module. The wire is powered
    when the engine is cranked for starting and while
    running. When a magnet (sealed in the magnet
    holder on the flywheel) is passed by the sensor, the
    sensor becomes conductive and triggers the re
    lease of the energy stored in the capacitor, creat
    ing the ignition spark.
    1. To test trigger coils, disconnect the stator
    wires and attach a 9 volt battery to the brown
    and gray wires from the stator plate. Connect
    one lead of an ohmmeter to the gray stator
    wire. Connect the other lead to the red, green,
    or blue sensor wire. Refer to the illustration at
    2. Rotate flywheel slowly while observing the
    ohmmeter indication. The ohmmeter should
    indicate an open circuit (oo) until the magnet in
    the magnet holder passes by the sensor. At
    this point the reading should switch to low
    resistance (under 25 ohms). It should go back
    to infinite as flywheel rotation continues

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