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    08 gtx limited failure

    Greetings, I was out on my dads seadoo today when it failed. To give some reference it has 54hrs on it. We had noticed some water was getting into the engine bay, so before I took it out I tightened all the hose clamps and checked everything over, oil and everything was good. I took it for a good spin and no water build up. I then continued driving it, not overly hard but with some 100% throttle time. I kinda noticed it wasn't hooking up that great at to speed in a little choppy water, but it had been a year since I last drove it so not sure if it was like that before. I was still getting 65 mph. All of a sudden it sounded like bearing squeeling. I instantly let off the throttle and hit the shutoff, but I don't think it was me that shut off the engine, I figure it died. I got a pull to shore then me and dad opened it up and cranked the starter to see if it would even turn over. It did but either the engine cranking or the starter sounded bad, we only cranked it for a split second. Could this be a supercharged failure? Or pump bearings? Sorry I did try and search a bit but I'm sitting with my iPhone on the boat dock just to get service. Thanks in advance

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    Took the seadoo in and they figured it is a bearing on the supercharger. Are the bearings external or internal? Mind u I am a little worried about the dealer since what they actually said was the bearing on the turbo is gone but could have just been someone trying to pass on information

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