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    97 xp 800, i get 2 beeps, but doesn't do anything else. not even a click!

    ive tried jumping the starter to make sure that wasn't it, and it turns fine, when i jump it at solenoid, fuse by solenoid is o.k, does it have more fuses? or where should i start looking or testing? i did see some rust around ground wires in the coil and some in the solenoid too, this is inside the box, its light surface rust! i have a 96 gtx on hand with same engine can i use some electrical parts off of it?

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    yes a 787 is a 787

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    Start by cleaning all connections. Especially the grounds. Then check for voltage before and after the solenoid. Should have power before and when you hit starter button, you should see 12 volts on the cable going to starter.

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    Try cross conecting the lugs on starter solinoid with a wrench after checking all conections. A spare solinoid is only like 25 shipped good to carry a spare.

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    i took the solenoid off my gtx, before i installed it i tried, putting the neg cable from batt, to the ground wires in the electrical box. and that was it.. it started right up so i clean the ground wires and now starts easy, i will now change the fuel lines and clean carbs, new fuel had very old gas. i left it on like 40 seconds no bogs idled fine, should i still clean carbs.. or just change the fuel lines.. and i also have to find a strait rear shaft, original is bend, i took it out before starting engine.. i don'nt know if my gtx shaft will fit.

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