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    Cylinder not firing

    My dad took out the our 95 sl750. He said it ran fine until he hit a couple waves pretty hard and it would only go 20 mph tops when he had the throttle pinned. Long story short I found out that the furthest forward cylinder isn't getting spark to it. I got new plugs but it made no difference. I don't know what to take a look at next. Maybe the plug wires? Or something in the electronics box. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Get a spark plug tester at the local autoparts store. check cylinder with it. If no spark remove spark plug boot by unscrewing (then pulling) it off the plug wire. Leave the wire tie on the boot, no need to remove it. Check for clean connection. If plug wire is long enough, cut about 1/4" off, then push & screw the boot back on. Retest.

    That's the fastest, easiest thing to try first.

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    Did that, no difference

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    The CDI on your ski fires all three plugs at the same time. This means the issue is somewhere after the CDI. Crack open the Ebox to check the coil. Find the coil associated with the bad cylinder and use a multimeter set to check impedance. the readings should be as follows:

    Black to Black/White (bullet Connectors) .2 - .6 Ohms
    Black to High Tension Lead (cap removed) 3300 Ohms
    Lead inside spark plug cap to spark plug side 5000 Ohms

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