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    Destroyed oil seals and missing rod bushings..

    I'll start by saying hello Greenhulk!

    I purchased the craft with 170hrs on it and now has almost 200hrs on it, and ran fine until last weekend. The guy I purchased it from didn't know if the engine had been rebuilt before but I found out it has been and was done terribly wrong!

    It started out by loosing a lot of power after about 15s on the water so I docked it immediately and eventually I figured out the rear oil seals where completely destroyed and one seized on the PTU coupling!

    Took the engine apart and I found this.. #1 cylinder has a discolored rod and a rusting/corroding crank from the missing rod bushing with no signs of it anywhere.

    #2 cylinder is perfect and not missing any bushings.

    #3 cylinder is missing one also but is not discolored because luckily it never found metal on metal.

    And lastly I found this in between #2 and #3. I can't notice it moving when it's on the dowel so I hope this wont be a problem.

    Anyways my question is do you think I'll be able to put new rod bushings and bearing on without having any issues? Thanks!
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