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    GPH bilge vs. Water getting into hull - Your exp? Recommendations?

    Just thinking of scenarios and bilge pump selections....

    Would anyone have recommendations or even experiences with bilge pumps keeping up with certain leaks?


    Scenario 1:
    Would 2 x 500 gph bilge pumps sufficiently counter the water intake from a completely failed carbon seal from an idling ski?

    Scenario 2:
    Would 2 x 500 gph bilge pumps sufficiently counter water intake from a blown intercooler water pipe?

    Scenario 3:
    Would 2 x 500 gph bilge pumps sufficiently counter water intake from a blown exhaust pipe (Ski running or not running?)?

    The only experience I've had is the cooling water inlet pipe breaking off after a hard side on landing, 1 auto bilge 600 gph allowed the ski to be towed in for 30 mins no problems, but some water was in the hull as the bilge only ran while the dess post was active.

    It would be interesting to hear how bilges have or haven't saved your ski...


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    I think I am at the same stage as you, deciding on how many pumps to install.....

    I am considering two Rule 1000 gph fully automatic pumps. Installing both to work regardless of if the DESS key is on or not. When I am not using my ski is is out of water and I disconnect the battery so I am not concerned with battery drain. I would also have them independently wired in and not sharing a fuse. You would not want both to fail at the same time!

    I was also going to install a tell tail light on the cluster that come on when the pumps were running, as when you are out having fun you may not notice the water coming out of the bilge pump outlet for some time but a flashing red LED on the dash you would.

    Anyone that has done this, info would be great.

    My other thought was for those of you that use GPS theft trackers that SMS you when your ski moves more that a few feet and you leave the ski on water overnight - rigging it up so you get a SMS via your alarm system for when the pumps run for more that 10 seconds etc. Just so you can go check your ski before the pumps run for hours, the battery goes flat and it sinks!

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