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    Xl1200 exhaust gasket, why no holes for the cooling system?

    So I had to remove my exhaust/muffler on my 1999 xl1200 to get at the starter bendix which I replaced. The gasket I am talking about is the one on the port side, four bolts, that connects the three-pipe exhaust manifold with the large exhaust pipe that runs around the front and connects to the other large piece with hose clamps. So when I removed the pipe, the gasket was pretty much trashed and needs replaced. However, I want to ride the thing while I am waiting for the gasket, which I can't get my hands on locally. I had intended on using ultra black to create a temporary gasket. The issue, question I have, is that the original gasket appears to not have openings for the cooling system channels, at least not all of them, which there's 4. I think only one was free flowing via the stock gasket. Obviously if I use gasket maker, I won't be able to replicate that, and all the channels will be open. Why does the gasket block these channels, and what is the negative if they are all open? Thanks in advance. I realize that using gasket maker is not the proper way to fix it, so I don't need a speech on that. I just want to get it going.

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    Somebody must know something... sorry to be impatient, but I would love to take this thing out today!!

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    Is this on your exhaust side? If so, the theory is to let the exh temps get hot enough to create a vacuum to pull out gasses from the motor when you run. You can still ride your ski while you are waiting for your new gasket, but you will notice a slight power loss at wot.

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