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    1996 xp rub rail or trim need some help finding new ?

    whats up , need a little help trying to fix up my 1996 xp and would like to put some new rub rail on it . the parts place that i have looked at do not go back that far or they can't get it . does anyone know if the rub rail off some newer jet skis will fit . i'm a little new to the pwc stuff . if anyone can help out please do and thanks !!!!! johnny ..

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    Go with a newer model that uses black. Its all the same. You may be able to find in generic on rolls at some marine supply stores. Any newer SPX, GTX or XPL uses the same rub rail, some are just a little longer, if going by part numbers. They might have it available by the foot.

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    awesome dude , i will look into that . thanks for pointing me in the right direct . i did not know they made generic or rolls . so that a plus ....johnny

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