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    Shuts Off When I Accelerate

    I have an early 90s Sea Doo with a 587 engine. Last summer, other than a little hard to start it ran fine. A couple of weeks ago I took it out for the first time this year. After I got it started and warmed up it runs fine at low speed (1/3 throttle), but as I accelerate the engine sputters and then shuts off. Is this a gummed up carb and if so are they difficult to rebuild. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    There are several things, if fuel related to consider. All skis need the fuel system thoroughly cleaned from time to time. Old gas will dry out and build up varnish anywhere in the system. The fuel selector valve needs to be changed, since they are cheap. Depending on the pickup tube in gas tank, either a baffle or actually rubber fuel lines, this needs to be addressed. If early style with fuel lines inside tank, they need to be changed. Have a tendency to completely disintegrate over time. The water strainer needs to be checked for debris. The internal filter in carb is most the likely place to be restricted. Diaphragms can and do get crinkly then wont meter properly. Needle/seat will not hold pressure and cause hard starting issues. After complete disassembly of carb(s), do a thorough cleaning with carb cleaner or lacquer thinner, and make sure you run small wire thru the little brass jets with cleaner. The old fuel residue will build up a very thin layer that fresh gas wont wash out. Also make sure return orfices are clear and will flow fuel thru. Thats enough for starters.

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