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    SeaDoo S3 Hull Effectiveness

    My father and I are looking to purchase our 1st PWC . One of the models we where looking into was the GTR 215 (preformance class). This PWC does not have the S3 hull. SeaDoo claims that the S3 hull will improve handling and most importantly, help combat chop. The next PWC up, the GTX 215 (luxury class) has the S3 hull. However this is between 500 and 800 dollars more than the GTR 215.

    Is the S3 hull worth the extra money?

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    No comparison in handling, turning, and rough chop - S3/T3 hulls are far better in every aspect.......worth every penny.

    Additionally, the older hulls are fiberglass on the bottom as the S3 is composite....NO more fiberglass cuts, smooth, stronger, etc.

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    I have ridden both hulls back to back in pretty choppy waters (GTX iS LTD and Wake 155). No comparison. The extra money is worth it. Go for the GTX 215.

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    Absolutely the S3 hull is worth it.

    There is a clear, distinct difference in handling versus my old 03 GTX, my friend's 07 GTX and my new 12 GTX 215 with the S3 hull.

    It's almost like the hull is glued to the water.

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    Thanks to everyone!

    It looks like the GTX 215 just got pushed to the top of the list.

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    Sorry guys... 215 to 215 - $1,800 difference, really??? Granted the S3 is probably better in chop and handling due to it's deeper V (this is boating common sense). But, the GTR has more than TWICE the storage capacity with the same fuel capacity and essentially the same engine, only the GTR adds a super-charger. Yeah, the GTX has all the electronic options and a reboard ladder stock... BUT, for far less than $1,800... these can all be added to the GTR. Hmmmm.... don't know???

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    The new s3 hulls are heaps better in everyway. Speed, and handling. Performance wise, the s3 hull you dont need to spend alot of money to get 3-4mph out of it

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