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    Am I a jerk, or justified?

    I hate when strangers ask to ride my Seadoo, I feel like people just want to rag the crap out of it, burn up my gas, and if something goes wrong, I'm responsible, I tell alot of people no, and have no problem with it. Does anyone else run into this alot?

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    I've had a ski for one week and I'd have to agree

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    90% of damage to skis happens when a friend rides it.

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    I have not had that happen but you are not a jerk for telling them no,I wouldn't just say no I would say hell NO.

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    You are being a jerk.
    I always let strangers ride my ski if they ask and put up the 10,000.00 deposit I require in case they damage it. When they look at me crazy I let them know the deposit if fully refundable minus 50.00 usage fee. If your ski value is north of 10k, adj requisite deposit amount accordingly

    For record, no stranger has ever ridden my ski, not because I was a jerk, they just havent been able to secure the cash needed for security deposit

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    Screw em!
    I dont mind swapping skis for a quick test with someone that has a comparable ride.

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    rule number one, let no one "ride" your ski, it never fails that they will fuck up your shit, and just look at you in bewilderment, like its really not they're fault, wanna ride, buy one !!!!

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    Avi8tor thats a good one ill have to remember that, HAHAHA

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    Strangers? Really? In this day and age, may ride off with your ski and never come back. Had a guy test ride a ski and made a joke that got me thinking. That is real ballsy to ask a complete stranger to borrow something they obviously don't have for a reason much less may not even know how to ride safely. Just saying no seems very mild. BTW, never happens as they get nicely ignored.

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    Family asks to ride my ski all the time and I still say no lol. Ive always been like that with all my performance cars, bikes and toys. The only person ive ever let drive/ride my sh!t is my dad...he could always afford to fix it or buy me a new one hahahaha!

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