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    GTX 951 acting up

    Hello lately my ski has been acting up. It stalls at idle and turns over slowly. I changed the plugs and all day it was fine. today we used it and then it acts up again. Any ideas?

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    How did the first set of sparks came out (color ) ? If the neadle valves on the carbs get stuck open due to varnish inside the carbs exesive fuel can get in the engine causing rough start and some cases the cylinders can get flooded with fuel and crank slow. (excuse my english. )

    What to do? Get them rebuild. Also depending on how many hours check your compression , replace the gray fuel lines (if still have them) ,clean the fuel selector valve, remove the rave valves and have them cleaned. Not to many carbed 951 have charging issues but a charge test would do no harm.

    Check and report back.
    Hope this helps.

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    Luckily I didn't have to do a rebuild. Later that day I pulled my fuel filter (which was filthy) and replaced it. It idles fine and starts right up. Thanks!

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    Im guessing you have gray fuel lines in the doo still? Your internal carb filters are most likely clogged too. If you don't replace them soon you will burn the motor up and be out a lot of money to have it rebuilt.

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