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    2005 VX110 running "loud"

    I have a vx110 with about 800 hours that has never had any issues. Recently I took it on a trip that was longer than usual and towards the end of an 8 hour day the engine started making a very loud "whine". Afterwards my oil warning light came on and when I pulled over to check there was none on the stick. I filled it up and drove it back home with no issues aside from the noise.

    I took it to a repair shop and they looked it over and changed out the plugs. He said two of them looked fowled but other than that everything was fine. They checked the compression on the engine and it was perfect. He couldn't answer why it had used so much oil. The propellor looked good and so did the intake.

    Today I went out to the lake and the engine was running perfect but that sound was still there. When I'm idling the engine sounds very rough and almost twice as loud as it used to. Its hard to describe a sound but at idle it almost sounds like something is grinding. Again it has a sort of loud whine when I'm giving it throttle. Performance is still great and it didn't seem to use any oil when I ran it for about 4 hours.

    Any ideas on what I can check myself before taking it back in?

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    Motor mounts loosen up causing shaft alignment to be off? In turn making prop rub? Exhaust clamp loose?

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