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    12 RXPX pricing.

    Today at the boat ramp I ran into 2 guys that work at a dealer close to me.
    I've decided I will be getting a new PX hopefully at the boat show in Jan.

    I asked one of them some basic questions and price came up.
    3 dealers total including his have quoted me $14,800 OTD with trailer.

    I didn't tell him I had gotten quotes from other dealers.
    Being the savvy shopper I am I offered 14k OTD basically saying if he could do that I would be getting it much sooner.
    He said that wont happen and that some dealers are selling them for 18K with NO trailer.

    Has anyone heard of dealers selling for that much over MSRP?
    I think he's full of crap ,and I may choose a diff dealer.

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    I got mine for 14,200 and my trailer was 1100 on top of that.

    18k is BS. MSRP isn't even that much!

    My trailer is an aluminum triton. Best you can buy these days.

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    Yeah he was trying to tell me some dealers are getting close to 4k over MSRP because of the demand.

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