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    GTI 155 Solas and RPM way off?


    I just installed a new wear ring and Solas 11/19 into a friends 2007 GTI 155. The machine is turning at 6600 RPM and 56 mph on the speedo, GTI 130 walks away from him. I thought that 56 mph was pretty good for that RPM but am reading that the 155 has a 7600 rpm rev limit. The question is, are the 11/19 Solas props that far off from the factory? I would think that the rpms would not be that far off? I am gonna have to bent the heck out of that prop!

    Any help with this would be great! Water 78, air 75. Has removed sound suppression as well. Stock intake grate.


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    I have an 09 wake 155 that runs 60 mph on gps (64) on speedo and around 7600 rpms if I remember correctly and it is 100 percent stock so something is wrong but not sure what.

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    I wish I knew what it ran before the prop change

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