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Thread: Fzr spark plugs

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    Fzr spark plugs


    Is there a difference between lfr6a and lfr6a11? My dealer gave me the lfr6a11 and the gap is way out. Will these plugs work if gapped correctly?


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    Same plug and yes they need to have the correct gap.

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    Will I damage the plug if I change the gap? I know some plugs you are not supposed to change the gap.

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    I gapped my Autolite XP5325's, but you need to be very careful. I did it with a vice, a set of feeler gauges, and a socket. I would put the plug in the socket, insert a .025 feeler guage, and insert it into the vice and lightly compress it. The reason I used a .025 feeler guage, is because the ground strap bounces back after you release it, and .025 seemed to get me right where I wanted(.032).

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    I just buy the right plugs from Jerry at the beginning of every season, and keep the 2 best used ones for backup. Nobody I have found, dealerships aside, carry the right plugs. I would rather support the forum than the stealership!

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