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    Angry Check engine light Resets when PWC turns off

    Hello folks,
    I'm a long time reader first time Poster. I prevented posting my problems because there are so many similar issues that my questions would more likely be duplicates. I own a 2004 Polaris MSX 150 turbo and let me tell you... this thing has been a pain in my ass! I purchased this in 2010 and has not worked since its second outing.
    RPMs were limited to 5500 RPM with no check engine indicator. The PWC was run continuous for a day and the next day it had these problems.
    This post seemed to describe all the problems I had and I swapped that sensor and still no dice (back to the drawing board)

    I then saw this interesting post on YouTube

    I took off the first map sensor and saw some gunk on it and went to remove the tube that connects to the throttle body to get to the second sensor. As i was removing parts I noticed that the rubber mount that connects the throttle body to the intake manifold was compromised. I ordered that new part ($70) and swapped out. I cleaned the sensors with a spray airflow sensor cleaner.

    In the Air Force we put our jets through an FCF (functional check flight) which tests an engine's capability to ensure it will perform to its max capability. I did this earlier today after all my tedious replacements.
    Low Speed test: Sustained 20 MPH with no stuttering or indicators.
    High speed 1 direction: Induced Gradual acceleration, Turbo kicked into max (first time in 2 years) sustained max speeds on choppy water.
    High speed turn: once again Ski performed as advertised
    Low Speed turn: Able to throttle down just fine and took turns well
    Acceleration out of turn: Throttled up **Problems occurred** Check engine indicator came on as engine simultaneously limited to 5000 RPM
    Power off:
    Power On: Engine back to normal, no indicator lights (besides the start up lights) and Ski was able to perform at high speeds once again until a hard throttle was performed... back to limp mode

    One could repeat this over and over and get the Ski to gradually accelerate to max speeds. it seems that the faster you try to accelerate the more it goes into safe mode with a blinking check engine indicator.
    I have absolutely no diagnostic equipment (no access to DW) and like everyone else, everyone has refused to work on these Polaris turbos. I'm from Sioux Falls, SD... a place known for not owning PWCs. I'm sorry if this post is lengthy but a lot of replies are people who want to help but don't have enough info. For anyone who has ever seen House MD, I'm looking for a differential diagnosis. Trying to fix to sell.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    Sorry to hear of your MSX 150 troubles.

    Have you replaced the two MAP sensors (boost sensors: one on intercooler-to-intake pipe, one on side of intake manifold)? You mention cleaning gunk off them. Was this foamy oil gunk? I've read multiple reports that these sensors commonly don't work properly after getting oil on them even after cleaning.

    So about that gunk. Is it foamy oil in there? These skis have a bad habit of ingesting oil back into the intake tract (thru an emissions recirc hose from the oil separator/cylone-to-airbox). This sucks back in through the turbo and coats the whole intake track (intercooler too) and ruins the MAP sensors and makes the ski run like crap. I've heard the ~5500 rpm limiting used to describe issues with these faulty MAP sensors (commonly affected by oil ingestion). A common cause for oil ingestion is too high oil level in the oil tank. Should be at or below the MIN mark after running cold engine for 30 secs (then turning it off) and reading oil level (don't thread cap in for reading).

    I'd recommend pulling the turbo-to-intercooler hose, and the intercooler-to-intake pipe/hose and check both of those out to see if they have any oily gunk in them. Then also peak down into the intercooler and see if you can see any gunk in there too. Lastly pull off the throttle body and look down into the intake manifold for gunk in there too. If it's in any of those... it's probably in all of those. This would all need to be cleaned out.

    Here are some other things to check... while I'm throwing out ideas:

    Do you have any milky oil on the dipstick? Possible water in oil would be another cause of foamy oil and would likely lead to ingestion.

    Have you done a compression test?

    Does your wastegate move? (should be able to push it downward about an inch and have it snap back shut - spring loaded)

    Any oil in your coolant in the coolant bottle?

    If you can report back your findings on these... hopefully we can point you in the right direction.


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    Welcome, like you I dont post much because I can normally find an answer from another post. I had the same problem, It ended up being the wastegate solenoid valve, Polaris part # 0451349, it is located on top of the turbocharger housing, it has 3 vacuum tubes and one electrical connector on it. after i changed it the problem went away. I found the part on ebay a couple years ago. Hope you get the problem fixed


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    Thumbs up

    Jim This worked!
    As I had said in my post, I live in SD, so yeah it took damn near a year to get around to swapping that. I bought the newer version of that solenoid that requires you to mount it to the engine block.
    I just kept the old solenoid on it because is was such a pain to remove.
    Thank you everyone for reading and responding.

    **This Case has Been Closed**

    others having similar troubles, please read this and respond with any questions.

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    Thanks for your service to our great USA!!!

    I wanna wish you many hours of rippen pwc style...

    You deserve it!!

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