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    Something fell into cylinder through spark plug hole...

    2007 15F

    I totally F'ed up folks... Here's the condensed version:

    Spark plug broke (threaded part stayed in cylinder, the rest came out), tried to use screwdriver to remove the plug's threaded end from the cylinder, screwdriver shaft broke off from its handle and fell into cylinder. It gets worst... Tried to take engine cover off to continue trying to get the spark plug's threads out of the cylinder. Stupid me turned the crankshaft AFTER I removed the chain tentioner (tentioner rod is somewhere at the bottom of the hull out of sight)...

    Now the screwdriver shaft is till inside the cylinder AND I bet my chain/shaft/rod positioning is off...

    AM I TOTALLY SCREWED on this to the point of having to take it to the shop or can I fix this mess myself???

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    if you new what you were dong its fixable but since you have posted here im guessing you are screwed lol you basically need to re-time the engine a workshop manual shows how to this but if you have no idea its not something you guess at.

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    I can help you out and send you a manual if you want to attempt it....just let me know

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    Oh no hahahaha whoops. Sorry, I don't mean to laugh but the way you wrote that was kind of funny.

    I'd suggest taking it to someone. At this stage it sounds like you haven't done any damage. I'd pay the small labor charge and be happy knowing it's ready to ride again.

    If you mess up the timing, best case it won't run right, worst case you are going to bend valves and destroy your engine. If you don't want to pay for someone to fix this up you'll hate paying someone to replace the engine.

    Good luck and I hope it gets sorted and you're back on the water soon.


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    Lol... thx folks... its off to the shop...

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    Just for curiosity... how did you turn the crankshaft? Manually or pushed a start button?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meangreenman View Post
    Just for curiosity... how did you turn the crankshaft? Manually or pushed a start button?
    By hand, only about an 1/8". Just enough to cause major damage if started...

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