I have a Tigershark Monte Carlo 1000. Starts okay - runs great and then when I shut it off for a brief break - it refuses to restart. It stumbled very briefly like it would fire then nothing - just cranked all the time till the battery went dead. Get it home, recharge the battery, wait a few hours - then it starts - wtf ???? Did this twice now.

I think its flooding itself ?? I am certain its carb related as this never happened until I swapped over the carbs...

Longer story....I put on some 900 carbs last year that were near perfect (my 1000 carb bodies were getting rough and corroted). It did the above to me so I swapped the 1000 jets into the 900 carbs, cleaned them, blew them out, ect.....thing ran great today for about 20 minutes. I shut it off for about 15 seconds to see if it went away and fired right back up. A minute or so later, did the same and would not start.

Engine has about 30 hours max on a rebuild - lots of compression, I have good spark in all 3 on new plugs and its getting a ton of fuel, I can see it spraying down the 3 carbs evenly.....I really think its flooding????????? The carbs parts are all new (Mukini rebuild kits) except the diaphrams on each one....they looked okay but now I am wondering if I should have put the old ones from the 1000 carbs in the 900 carbs too. ???

Suggestions please!!!??? I am supposed to go on a trip next weekend with it