With the recent surge in racers buying vintage 550 skis as well as X2's here in Region 5 and beyond we have decided to introduce the following:

Vintage 550 Mod Ski - $10.00 a day entry fee
Vintage 760 Super Stock - $10.00 a day entry fee
Vintage X2 Mod - $10.00 a day entry fee

All classes will be ran with a 2 moto format and a minimum of 5 laps!!

We have always offered a Vintage 550 class and X2 Class since the inception of R5WaterXRacing, but have never seen much interest in these classes and as we said above with the recent surge in racers purchasing or building 550 Ski's & X2's, R5WX decided to offer these classes at a reasonable price. We have heard that the racing community would like to see a resurgence in 550 & X2 class racing and we feel with this LOW LOW cost to enter it would help kickstart the process. Although the Vintage 760 Ski Class is a new addition to the R5 racing scene it is still considered a vintage class.

So be sure and spread the word and let everyone know that it only costs 10 BUCKS a day to race a vintage ski!! That's 20 BUCKS for 2 days of racing!!!! SO COME ON OUT AND HAVE SOME GOOD CHEAP LEGAL FUN!!

Please visit www.r5waterxracing.com for ALL of your R5 racing needs and you can go to http://www.r5waterxracing.com/Registration.html and get registered TODAY for this exciting class!!

R5WaterXRacing, LLC