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    Carb issue? too much fuel going to rear piston.

    Ok so Ive had my GPR running great for the last few weeks and this weekend I noticed a considerable drop in top speed and a slightly deeper sound to the ski..

    The ski is a stock 2002 GP1200R, D-plate, pre-mix, new prop, wave eaters.

    I recently washed the hull out with a bit of bilge cleaner just to get everything nice and clean, the next time i took it out it was running rough at idle and seemed a little sluggish under heavy load.

    When I returned I pulled the plugs to see if I had a fouled plug (it felt almost like the motor was dragging one cyl), turns out all plugs are fine but i noticed a good bit of fuel in the rear most cylinder.

    I cranked the motor a few turns with that plug out and gas was literally spraying out of the plug hole (not fog either, liquid gas). The other two cylinders seem fine.

    When I washed the ski out, could I have tweaked a carb setting in the rear cylinder that would cause the carbs to dump fuel like that?

    Also when i look at the carbs Im seeing 3 t-handles with bronze bases sticking up out of the tops of the carbs below the stinger, i cant seem to find these in the oem manual, are they aftermarket? maybe I sprayed one of these just right and caused the t-handle to turn... Ive only had the ski for about 30 hours and am still finding out exactly what the previous owner had done to it

    Trying to see if im heading in the right direction before I take off the stinger to see whats what..

    As always, Any help would be appreciated.

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    sound like you have a stuck needle on the pto carb

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    Since you have T-handles, that means the previous owner has done some carb work. They are not stock. Does sound like needle is stuck open. I would take the carb a part and preform a pop-off test to see what you find. You may need to rebuild the carbs.

    Also for santiy sake perform a compression test to make sure the cylinders check out. If you dont feel comfortable with carb work send them to Osbill.

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    Thanks to all for the help... Discovered It was worse then I thought.

    Starting new build thread here;

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