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    Trim ring seal ?

    Hey Everyone,

    The trim ring seal has long since disappeared from the trim gimbal I used on my SUV HO conversion and I was wondering if anyone ever replaced theirs and actually had it make a difference performance-wise. I'm assuming yamaha knew what they were doing when they designed it but I can't find anyone that ever said they lost speed or accelleration as a result of the seal not being there.

    I'm going to replace the trim ring anyway, so eventually I'll be able to report one way or another if no one knows. The ski is a lot of fun and a whole lot different than the two-stroke, but I only get 52mph with a new Solas Dynafly 14-20 and new wear ring. I'm not expecting a big gain in top speed without some serious impeller testing, but I'm looking at the obvious to make sure there's not any potential I'm missing out on.



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    Just in case anyone is wondering, I had another good ring from another nozzle and it did not make a noticable difference, at least on my ski. It's really heavy with the MR-1 in it so I wasn't expecting anything

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