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    2000 yamaha xl800 power valves and carb cleaning help

    My ski only runs about 40 mph at WOT, with about 6000 rpms. Some people have told me the power valves are dirty, others have told me the carbs are dirty. So I plan to clean both at the same time.

    How exactly do you remove/clean the power valves?

    I believe I could clean the carbs myself, but i've never seen/worked with the powervalves so any help would be appreciated!

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    Its pretty easy.

    1) Take covers off

    2) remove servo motor cables from powervalve wheel

    3) Un-bolt allen bolt from clip holding powervalve

    4) Remove spring and bushing connecting the two powervalves together

    5) remove atleast one circle clip from each shaft that rotates powervalve

    6) slide each shaft out

    7) There is another bolt holding the sleeve the powervalve slides in, remove this.

    slide out powervalve and clean.

    9) Get new circle clips and oil retainer bushings.

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    What about the exhaust? How do you remove it?

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    Should be a couple 14mm bolts I believe that you will need an extension to get at, and then you will have to loosen a few hose clamps... Keep an eye on and make sure you put all the hoses back when you put the exhaust back in, at least on mine there are a couple that are on the back side of the exhaust that you could easily miss.

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