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    Will idle but not accelerate

    I posted about a month ago, and am still having the same issue after reading all the info already posted.

    Here's the issue. 2001 Genesis 1200, fuel injected. Will start and idle just fine, but will not accelerate. This is the first time taking the PWC's out this year. Both are having the same issue. Thinking it was bad gas.

    Here's what I've checked: Changed spark plugs. Tested fuel pressure. Checks out at 20 psi. Pulled fuel pump housing. Pump and filter look fine. Blew out fuel lines, poured in seafoam directly into lines and re-attached. (Thinking that I had some bad gas and clogged injectors) Is there an electronic module that controls acceleration? And is it probable that it went out on both PWC's?

    Any ideas?

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    check the tps.check with a known good one or get a new one

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    Quote Originally Posted by rr44red View Post
    check the tps.check with a known good one or get a new one
    I have a 2nd Genesis waverunner, so I swapped out the tps from one and put it in the other, and that was the problem. Thx!

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