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    looking for a 4060153 coil for 96 sl900

    Hi There. I have been chasing no spark electrical problems on my sl 900 for a couple of weeks now. I installed the upgrade kit on my ski and went to re-test the coil and found that I have no ohm coming through the plug wires with the caps on. I assume all the wires need to be disconnected from the coil pack including the ground wire in order to test it. I have been doing lots of reading on here and it says that I should have a reading of 6000 to 7000 ohms from plug cap to engine ground and I am getting nothing. I did the primary test and got .35 ohms through all the colored wires. So I assume that the coil pack is gone if Im not getting a reading though the plug wires?
    does anybody know where i can find one part number off it is 4060153. i havn't had much luck tracking one down on line? Or is there a replacment I could use for it.

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    Most coils from a 96-98 900 or 1050 will work. PM'ed.

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    Does the ground wire on the Coil pack need to be attached to the electrical box to do the ohms test on the coil or is everthing unpluged? then I put the black probe on the engine ground and the red probe in the plug cap.

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    Testing it with all the wires connected is OK. (as a quick test,so you don't have to disconnect everything)
    Testing it from plug wire cap to the small black coil wire should and will have the same results.

    Make sure you use the correct scale on your tester.

    If you are not getting any reading at plug boot-remove the boot and test it at the wire.
    The plug wire can also be unscrewed from the coil so you can test it right at the coil.

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