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    Can anyone tell me what beep..beep.....beeeeep means when I put my lanyard on the dess post. It will start and run but limited rpm and speed. Thanks. BTW my gauge cluster is done ( water intrusion ). Any one have 1 for cheap this will be #2 in 2 months. 2006 GTX Std.

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    check the fuses..I seem to recall that fixed that annoying beep on a rxt that had a blown console

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    Nmpeter, thanks for calming me down and starting at the beginning, I knew my gauge cluster had some moisture in it but it's been cool for like 3 weeks, well I guess yesterday the water got to "the bad place" and shorted out the gauge, put the ski into limp mode then popped the 5 amp fuse that feeds it. I replace the fuse with the gauge drained then plugged it back in and let the smoke out. Soooo. I took the gauge off my other Gtx expecting the ski not to start but to read the code. It started right up and ran awesome , no codes no limp mode. Thanks again, you guys are awesome. Now need to find a gauge pod.

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