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Thread: seadoo molding

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    seadoo molding

    So I had the 97 xp out this weekend and hit a wave real hard and front molding (bumper) flew off. Any idea where I can purchase one? Iv looked all around but can only find one for a 96.

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    Wow, must have been a big wave. If you just popped the rivets out, just replace them with screws. If the hull is damaged, you may need to repair the fiberglass and redrill the mounting holes.

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    thats not the problem, the problem is a replacment bumper

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    ebay is the only place i have found any for old skis and its used. i was looking for some new stuff for my 1996 xp . just to fix it up and make it look cleaner . trying to look at new skis to see if the molding is the same . but no luck yet ....

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    check pwctoday and search for Minnetonka4me. he has just about everything for 2 stroke sea-doos. I don't know his name on GH.

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    97-2004 use same bumper. Do they not offer one any more?

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