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    Arrow 94 Waverunner III only one cylinder firing

    94 Waverunner III

    First off not my waverunner so I apologize for lack of knowledge here, I don't know the current compression situation (will update that when I find out)

    it's a friend's waverunner with the 701

    They ran it 2 weeks ago and it was "a little boggy but not bad" they ran it again yesterday and it was only running on one cylinder, bogging and back firing and very loud

    changed spark plugs no change, checked plug wires and confirmed it's getting spark to the spark plug

    They (by the advise of an outboard mechanic that knows little about PWC's) put seafoam in it yesterday morning before they went out, about a half a bottle into 10 gallons. As far as I've been told this isn't the best thing to do, But again it had a miss in it before this.

    Looking for some advise, If anyone can give me tips on things to check. I'm thinking it's just old and finally kicking the bucket but who knows

    Thanks guys

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    Sea foam was a waist. If compression checks out then need to take a look at the carb and possibly rebuild it. If both of those check out then a leak down test.

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