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    does oil tank have to be air tight burnt rotary gear

    92 xp
    pre mix previous owner took oil tank out, stripped brass rotary gear.
    OK I put oil tank in hooked up two oil lines that run to bottom of engine. New gear put in. Rode good for ten min. sudden stop like gear stripped again. The tank is not air tight. I hooked the two case hoses to bottom two outlets of tank. Took plugs out engine wont turn over unless I hit top of solenoid. Only turn slightly and stops. I guess solinoid and rotary gear shot. Any ideas help. I can fix anything just dont know all the knowledge and tricks on these things yet. Thanks

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    Did you split the case to get all brass out... brass in bearings ?.....if not split to check the gear on crank could of moved mine did. Mos t say replace whole shaft assembly that even just over .001 bend will it out again even after they dial indicator measured it as being good.

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    Thanks figured it would be a little more complicated.

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    THere are 2 seals to keep brass inside housing. It is possible to to get mostly cleaned out and check gear for center in ski with air comp, carb cleaner,fill and fuish with parts cleamer , mineral spirts ect and check center with mirror, sounds like bent shaft. You probaly could have motor out in 1.5 hrs. 717 is pretty light and small.

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