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    1200 XLT Engine will not run on high rpm

    Will run fine on low rpm. for an hour ( tested on a water). As soon as I get to top speed - just dropping dead (may be 5 min max). When tray to restart acting like dead battery, will not turn. Let it cool down - works OK for another 10 min and same story, Just took it from mechanic, he replaced impeller seal a pump (it was cavitating, but worked just fine when get out out the hall) After he repairs start having this problem. Came back he swears he did not touch the engine, just worked on a pump. Has no idea what the problem. Any Ideas? I think 1 cylinder getting stock, but why only on high rpm? And 5 min is really enough time to cool down and let motor start and work fine on low to mid range rpms?

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    You could have the makings of a lean seizure. You must perform a compression test on each cylinder to find what your compression is. Most stock (1200) engines will run around 115-120 psig. A piston might go lean and get hot, then expand increasing friction on your cylinder wall, killing your engine. This same cylinder might run fine at low speeds.

    There are other things that might be causing this problem, none of them are good. It is best to remember that with a two strokes, when you have issues like this, it is better to just put it back on the trailer and have a mechanic look at it. The longer it runs that way, the more expensive it will be to repair it.

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    A child of five would understand this. Go get one. pierowman's Avatar
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    Check your oil lines, sounds like you lost one. Is there oil in the bottom of the hull? Also do a compression test. What ever you do, dont take this ski out until you resolve the issue.

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    Thank you! Going to shop tomorrow

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