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    Looking to Buy 2007 RXT

    I am totally new to bear with me....I am looking to buy a 2007 Seadoo RXT SuperCharged; the ski is CLEAN, well taken care of!!! BUT it has 96 Hours on it......from what I have been reading....I am going to be in store for a S/C rebuild pretty darn soon.....if not right after this season. What can I be expecting to pay for a rebuild????? Thanks in advance.....

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    There's quite a few guys on here that remove the SC and send it off to jerry to fix (green hulk) and there's a thread on how to remove it. The part itself is around $350 i think?? Mine is getting done as we speak, but b/c i didn't have to time to do this myself nor have the skill, the stealership is doing it plus adding a bilge pump for approx $870. W/out the bilge pump, your looking at the price of the part plus labor....(here its 79per hour) w/'bout 3hrs of labor

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    Thanks DarkAngel33......I have been PM'ing with Jerry about my options; very useful info from him. I am glad I found this Forum!!! Your numbers are pretty spot on for the rebuild. Question.....other than the there any other benefit to the Bilge Pump? Cheers, Jimmic2

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    Bout my 07 RXT @ 190 hours original everything. Bought a SC off a guy here, 08 model gold washers that had 25hrs on it for $150. My ski has 225hours on it and run great cool water that is, the 84 degree water makes it a doggie.

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