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    1999 ultra 150 no power at all! Anyone have a 1999 manual?

    common problem with the ultra 150. My brother reverse the + and - leads accidentally and the ski never had power again.

    I'm now helping him look at it and I have been looking for the infamous fuses.

    My understanding is that the pre-2003 ultras have breakers and the 2003-2005 have fuses.

    I have looked in the 2003-2005 manual it confirms fuses and shows them in the wiring diagram.

    My brother has a 1999 and I found (2) breakers, one for trim, one for main, both showing a red dot in their current status.

    I'm not sure if the red dot mean "needs reset" or if the red dot means "closed circuit, ok".

    I would think if there was an issue, one fuse would be in a different state than the other.

    My guess at least now is that the breakers are likely ok. There are no good locations to test continuity, everything is encase in waterproofing, plastic, and rubber

    (i dont want to cut or stip wire, or poke holes in insulation to troubleshoot, I'd prefer the wires remain as is.

    Lastly, My understanding is that one some models, the fuses are located above the battery.

    I have looked near his batt, and I find nothing.

    At this rate, i'm thinking it is the "elect box" which contains the start relay, and regulator, along with some loops in the circuit.

    Anyone have a 1999 manual, or at least a few pages on the shematic or fuse location, or troubleshooting section?

    Anyone have a 1999 "elect box" available?


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    I've never popped the circuit breaker in my Ultra, but I'm sure it's like any other CB. Push the button.

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    Main fuse blew. I did it to mine.

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    On the 99's where is the main fuse? I can't seem to find it etc. Same problem battery spark now causes the box behind the battery to click only and the ski does not crank. Use to crank just fine. Anyone with a 99 please help Where is this main fuse?

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    Check the service connectors. They are just jumpers and if come loose can cause thid se issue. We had it happen on a 2000, the front relay box woulf click and that's it. Unplug them clean and reinstall to see ifbthat fixs your issue.

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    What he means about main fews is t hose to circuit brakers that are near the seat latch, they do go bad

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