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    Bow Loop for Tow?

    If you need a tow, its easy to clip into bow eye of 260 from another ski or from a boat's riding step. But, when Im solo and larger boat has no step, I cant see how to do it without getting into water. People on boat cannot lean down far enough to do it and I cant lean over bow. Usually no big deal, but it can be in cold conditions at night if long tow ahead. Just wondering if anyone keeps a nylon loop or something on eye just in case. I seem to remember seeing buoy racers with them. Although even then tow vehicle might need a special hook which is often lacking on average boat. Any down side to having loop flopping around bow? Ive been in the situation a couple of times. It usually ends with me saying, I think someone will have to get in water, swim around and clip in directly. Then I pause, just to see if possibly a taker. But, there never is. Not here at night in boondocks. So, over I go. Is there an easier way?

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    the 300 rectified this with just a plain stainless eye much better and larger, im sure you could purchase one and change out, the hull shape is the same. jsba requires you to have a flexible tow eye on the front of your ski thats what you would be seeing on the so called buoy racers. easy to add a rope loop on the front of your ski i use ski rope and basically make two eyes joined together to make a continues loop. i think you can see it in my crash pics.

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    Thanks NJ! I was hoping I was not getting wet for nothing! I guess no one can tip toe around rub rail, bend over and clip in without leaning? LOL.

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