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    Looking for a Hurricane update kit 2873022 99 SLTH won't start.

    I have a 99 polaris slth won't start and once it does it won't restart. I tested the coil and it is out of specs. So it has a bad coil but i want to do the entire upgrade if I can find it. This ski does NOT have the upgraded electrical. I think the cdi is the 148 numbered one. It really only has a bad coil but would like to do the whole assembly to eliminate future problems.


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    I ordered the same kit from Babbitts last week. On Friday they credited back the $s. I called and they said it was discontinued and no longer available.

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    Hi I got my ignition update kit from Maybe a month and a half ago. Maybe they still have some.

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    I have a 1998 SLTH and also need an Ignition Update Kit. Any way to make repair without the kit, since they do not make it any more?

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    Parts pit stop replied to another thread,stating the update kit is not available.
    When the kit was available,it was an extreme bargain-for a CDI,Stator,coil and plug wires-around $350.

    Parts from a later model 2 cyl would work-but all the parts new,needed to convert it would cost $740 (stator,CDI,coil,wires-stator housing-harness connecter ) and the correct CDI is no longer available.

    Even with age/use the update kit ignition system could have problems and need repair.

    It seems at this point,you need to diagnose your problem very well and find used parts.

    P.S. I have a used-"old style" ignition coil I will sell for $40 + shipping,send me a private message with shipping info if interested.

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