I don't want to sell them but I know I should. Our 3 teenagers are all in college and they are not getting the love and usage they deserve. Plus the sale will help fund a car for the college bound. I have a black and blue pair with Karavan dual trailer. If you are in Tampa, you have probably seen us running around Anclote, Clearwater, or Ft. Desoto, our favorite 3 places. I have a PVC rack that I use on one of the skis to hold cooler, chairs, fishing gear, etc. Just this past Saturday I took the blue one 20 miles offshore of Ana Maria island to go fishing. I met a friend that has a Grady White. Fun time, but not such a productive fishing day. Sunday my brother was in town so I took him out to Anclote for a good time.

These have been very reliable. No problems at all. I'm a reluctant seller and want to see if there is interest. I have not taken pictures yet but will if there is interest. I know the ski fest is coming up, so thought someone may be interested. If not, I may look for a high & dry marina either in Anclote or Terre Verde to store them and get them out of my garage.

* One ski has 164 hours, the other 167 hours.
* They are stock - no mods.
* Oil changed regularly
* Batteries are 1 year old
* They have dock stratches and such. I've tried to keep them off the beach by anchoring, but of course somehow they still have some minor scratches on the hull. I don't think twice about taking them out in very sloppy conditions - keeping the dock scratches away is nearly impossible in those conditions.
* The blue one is in very good condition (normal dock scratches)
* The body of the black one has a couple dents in the back quarter panel. Dents meaning the fiberglass is cracked, but not leaking, and nothing structural. I take this offshore fishing too and very confident in it. I'll tell you the story if you come look at them.
* Rubber on both skis are in good condition.
* I added a tongue hinge on the trailer so it will fit in my garage.
* These are mostly garage kept. Mostly because I have kept them outside in my driveway for 3-4 weeks at a time when I am using them regularly.
* Rinsed every single usage with salt-away

KBB lists the value as $7460 each http://goo.gl/3eBiL. This puts the total value around $15k including the double trailer. If you are interested, come take a look and we can negotiate. I am in Odessa, FL area.