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    4 tec starter questions

    Hello, I have 2 4 tec engines pulled out of the ski's because I was doing some part changes and trying to figure out a weak starting issue. The one last year started good, the other starter good out of the water but in the water was a pain. Thought I might be really unlucky and had bad starters, got 3 used starters and 1 new starter and they all do the same thing on both skis, plugs out it spins good but not as strong as I would think, with the plugs in the it is lucky to spin at all. sometimes it does a few spins before stopping. I have the engines hanging, nothing attached but the starter and trying to jump the starter out directly with jumper cables to a car battery. I cant believe 4 starters are bad or both these engines have problems which allowed the one to start no problem last year and this year the other ran great until the bendix went out. Can you jump the starter out with car battery when its not installed, should it turn over fast like I should think it should? Unsure of what to try next. I would think it should turn over very quickly even with the plugs installed? Does the starter relay jump up the juice or is battery cables too long for a true test. Hate to install one of the engines to have the same issue in the ski. by the way, they are both 02 4 tec gtx.

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    No thoughts? I am about to try very short cables and see if somehow the amps drop too much with jumper cables

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    ok, so everyones knows for future reference, jumping with regular jumper cables to the starter does not work, hooked everything up with no more then 18" of battery cable to the block and the starter did the trick, turns over fine now.

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