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    Prop came off !!!

    I have been in the middle of changing my pump housing and prop on my 2003 GTX SC everything has gone well... I put on the housing and the solas prop, but I am now getting the prop repitched and fine tuned. I sent off the solas prop and put my stock OEM prop back on.. I went down the lake propbably five hundred yards after changing back to stock prop and i felt a clunk and then a loss of RPMS and MPH... so I slowly went back to the pier and took the ski out of the water... took off the housing and the prop just fell out... it was not attached to the housing. The threads are still fine everything is still in perfect condition, Im just wanting to know why this happened and what I can do to make it not happen again.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else??

    Any help is welcome

    Thank you very much!!!

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    You probably didn't tighten it enough. It has to be really tight

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    105 ft lbs is what I torque mine to.

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    yep happened to me right before a race and I almost sunk my ski,
    when you do a speed run then back off on the throttle the prop spins freely and un-screws itself when it is not really tight, it tore up my wear ring pretty bad,

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    I've heard it can also tear up your crank and bearings pretty bad if it pushes the shaft in too much

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    Has to be well over 100lbs or it will spin off. Most likely you just trashed your thrust bearings and motor has to come apart. Take your oil filter apart and look between pleats for shiny stuff. Sorry to hear this.

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    Thrust washers gone......don;t run it till you pull the bottom end won't get lucky Good luck

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    Happened to me. I now tighten my props AND use loctite.
    Destroyed my block.. pushed driveshaft & crank forward into engine block.
    Big ass paperweight now

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    Mine was set oem flute right off now I'm always 105 lbs and fine.

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